We believe the first two months are instrumental in helping to shape puppies that will be confident and well adjusted. Our puppies are socialized with children of all ages, chickens, cats, and adult dogs. We carefully work with our puppies to ensure their first experiences in this world are successful and positive. We use “Bio Sensor” with our puppies to ensure they can embrace their new world with confidence and success. “Bio Sensor” has been shown to promote cardio vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, greater tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease.
Choosing a puppy whose personality meets the needs of your family is instrumental in having a successful home life. We keep extensive notes and preform the PAT test to help families choose a puppy that fits their needs i.e. service, hunting, guide dog, family companion, etc. We ask families to wait to pick their puppy until they are seven weeks of age. By this time we have gotten to know their personalities and can help direct families to the personality types they are looking for. We allow scheduled visits before seven weeks to meet the parents and puppies. Please do what’s best for the fur babies and only visit one breeder per day to keep everyone’s puppies healthy.
The health and happiness of our puppies is our top priority. That is why our health guarantee differs from most. If the puppy you choose has a genetic disorder we do NOT require families to return their dog. Instead, we work with the families to help pay for the medical expenses associated with the genetic disorder. We want our health guarantee to promote the happiness of everyone including the puppy. I do not feel like returning a puppy to receive a new puppy is a guarantee that is best for the whole family. With that being said, we will always take a puppy or dog back regardless of age or issue. We never want one of our dogs to end up in a shelter.
All Puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration 
AKC Limited Registration -  A Dog can participate in licensed breed events such as Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earth Dog, but is ineligible to participate in an AKC licensed breed competition or member dog show (beauty show).  No puppies produced by a dog with Limited Registration shall be eligible for AKC registration.
Our puppies can leave for their new homes when they are 8 weeks of age. They will be up to date on vaccinations and have had several deworming treatments.
We reserve the right to first pick on all litters 
We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time...